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Arcade Zone (originally known as Glitch Zone, Japanese: アーケードゾーンĀkēdozōn) is a series of Sploder games created by Mangamixer. The first game in the series is planned to be released in the Summer 2016 and similar in the Tigzon games, it will have multiple parts, all creating in one plot for the first game. Arcade Zone also shared some elements from the Tigzon series and the cancelled Future-Legends Fantazi series. 


Arcade Zone is a series of action-platforming games, created with Sploder's Physics Puzzle Maker creator and heavily inspired by Japanese anime series (such as Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann), 1980s video games (such as Street Fighter II, Metroid and Ninja Gaiden) and Western animated series (such as Danny Phantom and the 2003's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Taking place in a fictional universe called Neontrix, the series follows an adventure of a teenage bounty hunter named Sith "Shōnen Sith" Kesikori as he enters the amusement park called "The Neo" to find and defeat the villain who killed his mentor, Master Zo

Also he must face the evil corporations known as the ANTIC Corporations, led by Dr. Yotashi Mikazu and the group of the 7 Massacres; Master Gore, Mazika. Z, Shorlock XII, BubbleGum Roxie, Jack-Jack Black, Professor Toothbroke and the Gearbotz Pirates (Missile Max, Rola Ratai, Ray Ratai) . Sith is accompanied by his pet robot, a raccoon-fox hybrid named Kurly the Klitcher and a group of five friends; "B-Punch" (Ray Zora), "Upper-Cut" (Roy Zora), "Captain Manga" (Jake Raymon), "Puffie Yami" (Yami Zu) and Nova Natsumi.


The game of the series features two sides of gameplay; a 2D side-scrolling platformer and an isometric-view RPG gameplay. In a 2D side-scrolling platformer, the player must reach the end of the level while defeating some enemies and hazards and collecting some of the captive Puffies (from the Tigzon series). For isometric-view RPG, Player can solve some puzzles and defeat some enemies while being accompanied by four partners.  There is also an isometric-style hub level where you can interact with NPC and do some side-quests (much like to Tigzon Island) as well as some cutscenes that interact with the game's plot. The game's visual style are mostly in anime-style with 16-bit-style graphics (this technique used for some Makever games and Mangamixer's Tigzon Island)

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