Chronology of the Petit series:

  • Vometronz The Resurrection - This game focuses on Vometronz and his rise to power. Petit doesn't appear in this game.
  • Petit's Adventure Recoded / Petit's Adventure Recoded Turbo - Petit meets Vometronz in these games.
  • Petit Lost in a Cave / Petit Recoded in a Cave - Vometronz traps Petit in Snail's Spelunk.
  • Petit Lost Again / Petit Recoded Again - Piro traps Petit in Snail's Spelunk. Desert Wolf and Tigzon appear in this, as prisoners.
  • Petit Minigamez - This game takes place after Petit Lost Again, because Desert Wolf and Tigzon appear in the clouds.
  • Petit's Adventure 2 / Petit's Adventure 2 Turbo - Vometronz returns, again.
  • Tigzon in Petit's World - Tigzon and Desert Wolf escape Kudzu in this game!
  • Petit's Adventure 3 - Petit and friends fight off the Fuel army!
  • Petit Shore - Vometronz returns, once again!
  • Racket Frog - Some Petit characters cameo in this. In Stage 1, Sun Kenny is shown leaving to go to Kudzu, which he explores in the game below.
  • Sun Kenny in Petit's World - Sun Kenny takes a journey through Kudzu. Matthew's shop from B Ball Plus has not opened up yet. Also, Sun Kenny takes Puffie to test Ballistic, which also happens in B Ball Plus.
  • B Ball / B Ball Plus - Ballistic saves his beloved Puffie girlfriend! In B Ball Plus, Racket Frog and Jumpaemon plushies are shown. Sun Kenny takes Puffie to test Ballistic, which also happens in Sun Kenny in Petit's World.


  • Rich3001k only chooses what's canon! Yeego cannot.

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