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WARNING: This is a joke and I'm not trying to steal Racket Frog's glory... HEHEHEHE....

  • Since Matthew was removed from Skyward 4 Desert Wolf won't be in Cy-Fox the game! Wait a second he was never in it the first place...
  • I made a bunch of designs for useless background characters for Desert Wolf!
  • James' hat will be removed in his new design!
  • Desert Wolf Color Team will have Desert Wolf DLC!
  • Racket Frog was originally in Desert Wolf but I liked wolves better and I replaced him with James, and I gave the rights of him to Rich3001jk
  • Desert Wolf has been nominated to do the ice bucket challenge!
  • Snowy just beat the crap out of Sonic Boom Knuckles.
  • Puppy James and Orange steel Jannet are now official characters!
  • Snazara still hasn't made his official debut yet!
  • Vortex James is nothing like Dark Spine Sonic!
  • Desert Wolf 3 WORLD 7 PART 2 is nothing like Sonic and the Secret Rings!
  • Introducing Desert Wolf World! An MMO where you can make your own character and join in 1 server that can only have 50 players in it at once!
  • Cause of the success of 5 Nights at Freddy's I ANNOUNCE 5 NIGHTS AT CREATURA LAND! You have to survive creepy animatronic versions of James, Zen, Jannet, and Snowy!
  • That's all for now! Stay tooned for more!

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