The playable characters.

DreamMix All-Stars: Next-Gen Heroes' (also known as DreamMix All-Stars Adventure) is an upcoming crossover action-adventure game, exclusive on It was first announced during Christmas' Eve on December 2013 and the game is currently in planned as a game made with Sploder's untitled "collaborative" game creator. The game features a variety of characters from Sploder game series and established video games, such as the Super Mario. series. Also it will introduced new original characters.


Untitled Sploder Crossover poster

A poster featuring a silhouette of the Sploder series characters

DreamMix All-Stars: Next-Gen Heroes is currently in planned for the new "collaborative" game creator, in which allows members to collab with another to make their own games. It was first announced during Christmas' Eve on December 2013, that Mangamixer was originally making a Tigzon/Sploder series crossover but changed to crossover with characters
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A sneak peek to Sploder's new collab game creator

from established video games because many members of are making games that parodies or based off it.

DreamMix All-Stars was inspired by a Playstation 3 game, PlayStation Move Heroes and the Nicktoons Unite! series, though those games are poorly received by fans and critics. The script was written by Aaron "Naruichi97" Montalvo and Alex XD Junaibi, in which the story of the game is a mixture of comedy and action.


A mysterious overlord, known as King BladeLord have scatter some video game characters from different universe (including Mario, Sonic, Link, Kirby, etc.) to a unknown time that they will never explained and was planning to destroy their own universe with a hordes of his beast minions. A team of Sploder series characters must join together to save them and to defeat the King BladeLord from his disaster.


Playable charactersEdit

Names Game/series Creators
Alex "Ashiko" Chang/Tigzon Tigzon Gamerdeath722/MangaMixer
James Sandsoul/Desert Wolf Desert Wolf Dealwithitdewott
Petit Chevalier Petit's Adventure Rich3001k
Matthew Skyward Poostudio/Scoutile/Goomylord/Almightygoomy

Established characters

Names Game/series Companies
Mario  Super Mario Bros. Nintendo
Sonic  Sonic the Hedeghog  Sega


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