Future-Legends Fantazi (未来伝説ファンタジ Mirai Densetsu Fantajī) is an upcoming Sploder game series created by Mangamixer. The first game in the series is planned to release for early 2015. Like the Tigzon series, it will have a multiple parts, all creating in one plot for the first game.


Future-Legends Fantazi is a series of PPG platforming Sploder games, inspired by the Mega Man games and Japanese anime/manga series, taking places in a fictional metropolis known as Neontrix, a country that "reminiscent between the 90s and the current years of technologies". It follows the adventure of a teenage mechanic and a humanoid figure Jan Fantazi as he must battle with the 7 Massacre, a group of humanoid pirates, led by Dr. Yotashi Mikazu, Jan Fantazi's former creator.

The gameplay is similar to the original Mega Man games, which is split into each series of defeating bosses and the two final parts of the series. By defeating the bosses, will adds their signature powers to his arsenal after each's defeat. The game's visual style are all made in graphics, similar to Makever's Jumpie game.

Unlike many Sploder Series games, Future-Legends Fantazi will feature an animated cutscenes that lacks with other games in other series (If possible).

Image Characters Info
FLF Jan mughsot
Jan Fantazi Jan Fantazi is a humanoid teenage mechanic, who lived with his adoptive father and a mechanic Jeri Fanta at the Auto Repair shop. He was created by villian Dr. Yotashi Mikazu, who led the 7 Massacre pirates. Fantazi has a pet robot named Kurvy, a hybrid of a raccoon and a fox.  
Kurvy the Klitcher Kurvy is Fantazi's pet robot, a raccoon-fox hybrid that talks gibberish and his only catchphase is "Wahoo!" 

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