skyward 4Edit

its still a thing

its set for release this summer

its a total reboot

it will be 3d like powers and will be more story driven

also later today ill be uploading some hand drawn concept art for the game on this section

skyward anniversary tournamentEdit

on the 2nd anniversary of the series' announcement im making a tournament where u play all the games

enough said

skyward anniversary gameEdit

uh there will be 2 versions

a 2d one and a 3d one

it will come out on the 2nd anniversary of the release of SUPER UNFAIR CRAPPY GAME aka skyward original

sploder fighterzEdit

OH CRAP IT EXISTS I HAVE TO MAKE PART 3 >_________________________________________________>

cube fighters 3Edit

it probably wont be on sploder at all

I downloaded a game making thingy called clickteam fusion 2.5 and if I can make a decent engine for a fighting game than cf3 will use it

don't worry ill probably make a sploder "port" no matter what happens

skyward gameEdit

ill also make a skyward thing with ctf2.5

since making platformers is much easier it has a higher chance of actually being released than cube fighters on it


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