Gravity is a series of Physics Puzzle Maker games, produced by Supersonic72.

Plot Edit

Gravity Edit

The plot of Gravity focuses around a block shaped creature named Gravo, who wants to reach "goals" in a place called "The Void," just for fun.

Gravity Delux Edit

Plot for Gravity Delux is currently unknown.

Games Edit

Gravity Edit

The first game in the series, a platformer puzzle based game. The game revolves around getting to a "goal" in each level by jumping from Gravity Block to Gravity Block. As the player progresses, the game introduces teleporters, and later Red Blocks, which are Gravity Blocks that can be clicked with the mouse to be removed from the game.

Gravity Delux Edit

An upcoming game being developed by Jigglypuff12345, rather than Supersonic72.

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