Jumpie is a platforming Sploder Physics Puzzle game by Makever. The demo was published on September 22, 2013, while the full game released on December 6, 2014. The game and its demo served as an inspiration to some Sploder Series games back in the day, such as Petit's Adventure Recoded. Makever's later game Cooperators has a completely different gameplay style, but is somewhat similar to Jumpie.


The point of the player is to jump.

Use the UP key to jump right and use the W key to jump left.

Jumpie(sploder game) - coming soon01:45

Jumpie(sploder game) - coming soon


The game has two versions.

In the first version, the player can't touch the enemies.

In the second version, the player can jump on the enemies, and the level has signs that the text is colored by the object color that the text talks about.

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