Racket Frog is a series Rich3001k plans for late 2014 and early 2015. It is about Racket Frog, a high jumping frog with pants. His high jumping ability is rivaled by his best friend Jumpaemon, a rabbit from space. It is to be split into a tutorial and 5 main parts. It is to contain quite a few puzzles, something Petit was lacking in. It is set in the country of Wumbum, just north of Kudzu. It introduces "Masked Abilities". Playing it, the characters don't seem to have abilities, like in Skyward Powers and Petit Shore. Well, the players Jumpaemon and Doro are shorter, so they could fit in some areas Racket Frog can not. It was briefly cancelled but resumed production several days later.

Racket Frog

Capture all the check signs to claim the land!


  • Racket Frog

Racket Frog is a parody of Crash Bandicoot. He is also inspired by Aiai from Super Monkey Ball and might be like Goemon, from the Konami series.

  • Jumpaemon

Jumpaemon is a parody of Felix the Cat. He is also inspired by Doraemon and Klonoa.

  • Doro

Doro is a witch girl, who Racket Frog has a crush on. She is inspired by Shantae, Betilla from Rayman, and Francesca from The Krion Conquest.

  • Hayd

Hayd from the critically-acclaimed Petit's Adventure Series helped you on your way, by giving you useful items like 1-Ups and the Hayderboard. They are inspired by Toad and Bomberman.

  • Louis

Louis is a 9 year old who is the only human in Racket Frog's country. He wished for humans to capture the country of Wumbum, and to send Racket Frog and friends far away. He dumped acid in hopes of poisoning the protagonists.

  • Melwater

Racket Frog's "Goomba", are watermelons brought to life by Louis. They are the primary enemies. They originated as scrapped enemies from Petit.

  • Sun Kenny

Kenny is a parody of Sun Wukong, the protagonist of Journey to the West, and Buster Rod G, from Mega Man: The Wily Wars. He is Stage 1's "boss".

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