This is meant to be a joke and not taken seriously:

Racket Frog is coming!

It will have blast processing!

It will have innovations, such as actual gameplay!

It will have Ice bucket challenge DLC, but the only thing it will throw in cold water is your hopes of a Petit sequel!

It will give Sploderians what they want: Generic platformer games with 16-bit graphics. #RacketFrog

It has a mode where you can play with 2 other players. It's called: Single player mode.

Twitch Plays Racket Frog will be Sploder's first MMORPG!

Racket Frog is not designed to be used vertically. Or horizontally. Or diagonally. Or at all.

Almightygoomy announced that Matthew will be in Skyward 4. I can officially announce Racket Frog will have a frog playable character!

Racket Frog has been played 20 times. To put it into perspective, it has outplayed Tigzon Island by approximately 20 times.

Racket Frog is so much better than Tigzon. Does Tigzon have Racket Frog in it? I don't think so.

Racket Frog would like to thank Desert Wolf! He really helped him be played last week!

Someone stole my Racket Frog idea. I'm not angry. It's nice to know someone actually liked the idea of Racket Frog.

Racket Frog will compete with Desert Wolf Sandstorm under the name Racket Frog Swampstorm!

Almightygoomy has found a way to stop people from stealing his ideas. No one can steal his ideas if there are no ideas to steal!

Tigzon is the fastest tiger cat ever! He's so fast that he can't be seen with Racket's Frog eye.

Next year Racket Frog will be re-released will 100% more Petit. It'll be called "Petit 5".

Desert Wolf has great characters! I know this because they were already used in Racket Frog!

Mangamixer is making a Tigzon movie. It will be like a Tigzon game made entirely of cutscenes. So basically like a Tigzon game, then.

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