Sploder Fighterz is a crossover fighting game created by Almightygoomy, who eventually abandoned the project. Rich3001k posted on his page, "Sploder Fighterz is getting rebooted? I'm listening" without hearing anything about the series' possible reboot, and that gave him the idea to reboot it.

Original EraEdit


The first level featured green, brown, yellow, blue, orange, and red paths with a certain character who has a color matching it traveling down their specific path (May (MTPK), Joe (WKS), Yellow Blind Guy (Blind Guy), Petit (Petit's Adventure), Tigzon (Tigzon), and Zack (MJD Series). When they all got out of bounds, the level was completed. The next level shows Blockhead (Platformer Creator), Arcade Hero (Arcade Creator), Pink Block (PPG), and the Gunship (Shooter Creator). The last level shows a question mark saying that YOU (as in the person watching the trailer), can suggest characters and Goomy would consider them for the game.

Possible Sploder Fighterz RosterEdit

This game showed off a possible roster for Sploder Fighterz, which had a LOT of weird choices in it. The roster is:

  • May (MTPK)
  • Disgusting May (MTPK)
  • Sabrina (MTPK)
  • Ash (MTPK)
  • Poostudios AKA Goomy (Poostudios the Movie)
  • Petit (Petit's Adventure)
  • Vometronz (Petit's Adventure)
  • Chucky (Petit's Adventure)
  • Leroy (Petit's Adventure)
  • Alex (Tigzon)
  • Tigzon (Tigzon)
  • Leaf (Tigzon)
  • Mysterious Woman (Tigzon)
  • James (Desert Wolf)
  • Igabua (Desert Wolf)
  • Iguana (Desert Wolf)
  • Spy (Spy Blox 3D)
  • Minion (Spy Blox 3D)
  • Boss (Spy Blox 3D)
  • Master Criminal (Spy Blox 3D)
  • Greendino11 (Poostudios the Movie)
  • Reddino11 (Poostudios the Movie)
  • Sraptile AKA Stuntman4 and Kirbyhammer100 (Poostudios the Movie)
  • King Noob (Poostudios the Movie)
  • Bizzmoff (Poostudios the Movie)
  • Arceus (Pokémon)
  • Pikachu (Pokémon)
  • Meowth (Pokémon)
  • Vaxen2's version of Slenderman (Slender)
  • Joe (WKS)
  • Joe's Friend (WKS)
  • Joe's Brother (WKS)
  • Blind Guy (Blind Guy)
  • Blind Guy's Girlfriend (Blind Guy)
  • Humanoid Sceptile (Sceptile games)
  • Tom (Sceptile games)
  • Zack (MJD Series)
  • Mac (MJD Series)
  • Chucky (MJD Series)
  • Nazox7Paradox (Sploder.exe)
  • Helloimbob (Sploder.exe)
  • Thegoldking (Sploder.exe)

Sploder Fighterz Test StageEdit

This game tested out the game's mechanics. A Snarley from the Platformer creator and Chucky from the MJD series fight in a battle. The battle has mouse and spacebar attacks, similarly to the modern-day Cube Fighters games. However, the game played more like SSB games where you have to knock the foe off the edge instead of take away the foe's HP:

Sploder Fighterz UpdateEdit

This game was the last anyone ever heard from the classic Sploder Fighterz series. This game introduced character types to the series, which determined how they played. These types were called Balance, Speed, and Power. The Balance characters usually were moderate in everything, Speed characters were the fastest characters, and Power characters had the best attacks. Here are the characters that were revealed with types and what they are:

  • May (Speed)
  • Joe (Balance)
  • Zack (Speed)
  • Petit (Power)
  • Blind Guy (Balance)
  • Tigzon (Speed)
  • Alex (Balance)
  • Blockhead (Power)
  • Arcade Hero (Balance)
  • Gunship (Speed)
  • PPG Player (Balance)

Modern EraEdit

Almightygoomy created an account called Sploderfighterz, which exclusively has Sploder Fighterz-related games, after Rich3001k gave him the idea of rebooting the series. Until 7/17/14, new info will be revealed every day.



There will be 16 playables overall, and only 3 for series. Here are all of the confirmed playables:

  • Petit (Petit's Adventure)
  • Shin (Petit's Adventure)
  • Izzy (Petit's Adventure)
  • James Sandsoul (Desert Wolf)
  • Cy-Fox (Desert Wolf)
  • Matthew (Skyward)
  • Alex (Skyward)
  • Victor (Skyward)
  • Tigzon (Tigzon)
  • Zack (MJD Series)
  • Chucky (MJD Series)
  • Blockhead (Sploder)
  • Tom (Sceptile)
  • Drake (Cube Fighters)
  • Kartridge
  • Kipo (Kipo)


There will be 8 normal bosses and 1 final boss.

  • Vometronz (Petit's Adventure)
  • Igabua (Desert Wolf)
  • Negativ (Skyward)
  • Drax (Tigzon)
  • Jack (MJD Series)
  • May (MtPK)
  • Bob (Cube Fighterz)
  • Snarley (Sploder)


Each character has one assister, which will occasionally be summoned into the battle to help them.

  • X Yolo (Petit)
  • Izzy (Shin)
  • Jannet (James)
  • Snowy (Cy-Fox)
  • Leo (Matthew)
  • Nick (Alex)
  • Puffy (Tigzon)
  • Jake Johnny (Zack)
  • Ateean (Chucky)
  • Thug (Blockhead)
  • Bird (Tom)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


Name Moves
Petit Space: Spiral

Mouse: Stand Kick

Shin Space: Spiral Shot

Mouse: Hayderboard

Izzy Space: Spiral Shot

Mouse: Triple Spiral

James Space: Gunshot

Mouse: Orbler

Cy-Fox Space: Cannonball

Mouse: Shapler

Matthew Space: Ice Missile

Mouse: Snowball

Alex Space: Mirror Shot

Mouse: Hover Flame

Victor Space: Mega Kick

Mouse: Timber

Tigzon Space: Claw

Mouse: Star-Blast

Zack Space: Apple

Mouse: Bomb

Chucky Space: Plate Toss

Mouse: Giant Punch

Blockhead Space: Sword

Mouse: Gun

Tom Space: Dorito Toss

Mouse: Chomper

Drake Space: Nebula Punch

Mouse: Slide Kick

Kartridge Space: Blade Slash

Mouse: Upward Cutter

Kipo Space: Fire Breath

Mouse: Wing Jump


  • In the original version of Sploder Fighterz, some of the characters weren't even made by Sploder users, such as the Pokémon characters and Slenderman.
  • Drake and Blockhead retain their movesets from Cube Fighters 2014/2 and Super Smash Bros. Sploder respectively.

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