Texx is a game series by Mangamixer. The game was set to be in progress and it described as a spiritual successor to Tigzon.


The game takes place in a metropolis city, known as New Yorkyo (a combination of New York and Tokyo) which follows an adventure of Texx Mazino, a 16-years old teenage-being Tigerat (a tiger-cat hybrid creature). The Tai crystal were stolen by a ruler of Dark Quantum, Mayor Raki Razor, who wanted to rule the universe, with their minions. Texx must collect the Tai crystal and protected his hometown from him. The game will be inspired by Japanese anime and manga and will have some Tigzon references.


Main Characters

  • Texx Mazino
    Texx Mazino

    Texx Mazino

​Texx is the main protagonist of the Texx series. He is a teenage Tigerat, who was adopted by Professor Marko, an American-Japanese scientist. He has a craving for nachos and is quite quick-witted. In the past, Texx was the only Tigerat (a tiger-cat hybrid creature) being survived, which his parents and other Tigerats were killed by Major Raki Razor. Texx's favourite hobby is skateboarding and video games.  

  • Rykia Monoki
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    Rykia Monoki

Rykia Monoki is Texx's human cousin and niece of Professor Marko. She is a human teenage girl, who she mainly plays sports like soccer and basketball. 

  • Professor Marko

​Professor Marko is the father of Texx Mazino, who used to a scientist of S.C.O.R.A.G.E, an evil corporation. He invents some crazy gadgets that either works or not and he embarrassed Texx, in front of his friends.

  • Tixy 

​Tixy is Texx's best friend and a pet Puffy, The Puffies were introduced on Tigzon. Tixy always likes fruits and is quick cowardly

Supporting characters

  • Rosa Marina

Rosa Marina

​Rosa Marina is a human teenage girl and Texx's love interest. Rosa is an anime-style stereotype girl, who she knows karate and boxing. She also works on her uncle's Chinese restaurant.
  • Tai Nuclear

Tai Nucleas is Texx's second best friend, who is a fox-like character. He loves for science and mythology.


  • Mayor Raki Razor

Mayor Raki Razor is the main antagonist of the series and the ruler of Dark Quantum.

  • Damage Dux

Damage is a Texx's arch-nemesis and Mayor Raki's sidekick. He is a goofy, selfish teenage duck, who attempts to win over his love interest, Rosa Marine from Texx. His name is similar to Damage Duck (another character by Gamerdeath722).