The Sploder Series Team is a group of members on Sploder who make game franchises, seperately. They are the team in charge of the Desert Wolf, Petit, Skyward, Tigzon, and Jingo games.



  • Dealwithitdewott (AKA Dealwithitdewott the epic on the wiki)
  • Rich3001k (AKA SploderianRich on the wiki)
  • Mangamixer (AKA Tigzon the Tigerox on the wiki) (Briefly retired)
  • Almightygoomy (AKA Claus the Mighty on the wiki)
  • Supersonic72 (AKA TyphlosionX on the wiki)


  • Fennekin (Quit completely)
  • MJDuniverse (Was kicked from the team)


  • Magmatar (created the wiki; though he made no Sploder Series)
  • Makever
  • 5guy
  • Borealdragon
  • Bgknick



  • Desert Wolf Classic
  • Desert Wolf Recoded
  • Desert Wolf 3
  • Water Sea Wars
  • Petit Lost in a Cave
  • Petit Lost Again
  • Petit's Adventure Recoded
  • Petit's Adventure 2
  • Tigzon in Petit's World
  • Petit's Adventure 3
  • Petit Shore
  • B-Ball
  • Petit Recoded in a Cave
  • Petit Recoded Again
  • Racket Frog
  • Petit's Adventure Recoded Turbo
  • Petit's Adventure 2 Turbo
  • B-Ball Plus
  • Sun Kenny in Petit's World
  • Tigzon on a Gameboy
  • Skyward Recreated
  • Skyward Revelations Remade
  • Skyward Powers
  • Skyward Powers Remastered
  • Desert Wolf Sandstorm
  • The Adventures of Jingo
  • Jingo 2
  • Jingo Plus
  • Jingo 2 Remastered
  • Sploder Brawlers Melee
  • Jingo Legends
  • Puzzle Guy Recoded
  • Petit Flashback
  • Puzzle Guy 2 Recoded
  • Gravity Remastered
  • Tigzon Island

To be releasedEdit

  • Meta (Water Sea Wars REBOOT)
  • Desert Wolf 4
  • Skyward 4
  • Jingo RPG
  • Other Puzzle Guy remakes
  • Jingo Origins
  • B Ball 2
  • Racket Frog Typhoon
  • Tigzon Remixed
  • Spyward
  • Petit Zephyr
  • Tigzon Z
  • Skyward Heroes


  • Sploder Quest X (CANCELLED)
  • Crossover Project X (CANCELLED)
  • Polvo (CANCELLED)
  • Petit x Skyward (CANCELLED)
  • Tigzon Adventure (CANCELLED/PRIVATED)
  • Adventure (PRIVATED)
  • Desert Wolf 2 (RETCONNED)
  • Skyward Chronicles (CANCELLED)
  • Skyward (PRIVATED)
  • Skyward Revelations (PRIVATED)
  • Jingo 3 (CANCELLED; became Jingo Legends)
  • Original Puzzle Guy games (RETCONNED; replaced by remakes)
  • Sploder Fighterz (CANCELLED)
  • Sploder Brawlers (RETCONNED; events erased at end of the game)
  • Tigzon Battle (CANCELLED/PRIVATED)

Facts and TriviaEdit

  • Dealwithitdewott was the very first Sploder Series Team member and created it along with Rich3001k. Mangamixer, AlmightyGoomy, MJDuniverse. Supersonic72 joined along afterwards.
  • MJDuniverse got kicked out of the team as of 8/2/2015 due to his games rarely including gameplay.
  • Fennekin was the only female to be part of the team, but left shortly after canceling Polvo and leaving Sploder.
  • Dealwithitdewott has been known to move some of his projects to an engine beyond Sploder's capabilities, therefore his series aren't technically "Sploder series," but he still tends to make games on Sploder from time to time.
  • As of July 15th, Mangamixer is no longer part of the Sploder Series team, due to him losing interest in making Sploder games.

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