the title makes the purpose of this obvious, get hyped

btw most of these were never announced

  • Cancelled 2D Skyward Game- Once upon a time, 2D Skyward was a thing that existed. This game was a fusion of Sploder Fighterz and Skyward, featuring a similar character selection system. What exists of it so far is actually pretty good.
  • Petit Physics Test- One of the best games I've made. It plays well, looks good, and I ultimately think it is feature worthy I like it so much. (Rich let me make this, BTW it doesn't involve petit)
  • Sonic Blast- A 2D Sonic platformer, which, was once again one of my better projects before its cancellation. The gameplay is good, and it features top notch physics mechanics like altering the routes in levels.
  • Cube Platformer- An...interesting Cube Fighters spinoff. It is a platforming game and not a fighting game, and its only relation to Cube Fighters is the artstyle.
  • Skyward Clash- A Skyward fighting game (no this isn't a Sploder Fighterz/Cube Fighters clone), it was 3D instead of 2D
  • Super Mario 3D- I don't even need to explain this one tbh
  • two 2d platformers- None of these have titles but they both have a lack of graphics as of right now. I like them both a lot.
  • Another 3D Skyward Game- *applause* This is non-canon, it is more of a spinoff than anything. Matthew is the only playable character and the gameplay is very different from Powers.