release schedule for everything ive confirmed plus a few more things

and stuff from sploder e3 that is returning

i promise ill actually go by this this time unlike with sploder e3 which was a total disaster on mostly everyone who was in it's parts

sploder fighterz and sploder smash bros will go on consistently until they both end


The year will start off lightly, with nothing much released. Surprisingly, none of my Sploder series are heard from, with this month seeming to favor existing series instead.

  • Super Mario Universe RELEASED!
  • FNAF


Here things get a little more interesting, with a few Skyward games. Also the first Algorithm game I have made in 3-4 years will come out then but it will probably get 2-3 views

  • Algorithm Isn't That Bad
  • Skyward Powers Remastered DLC
  • Skyward Spinoff


The fourth main-series Skyward game comes out in this month, most likely stealing the spotlight from Gravitational Pull and the 2D game. The next Skyward will come out last, though.

  • Gravitational Pull
  • 2D Skyward Game
  • Skyward 4


Things die down a bit here, with several releases but nothing that exciting.

  • Splodercraft
  • The Great Climb
  • Sonic Blast
  • Non-Canon 3D Skyward
  • Yoshi game


Most of the excitement levels die down in May, although a lot of exciting games come out in the months following...

  • Unnamed Arcade game
  • Skyward Clash
  • Super Mario 3D
  • Pokémon Game


Matthew's Quest will come out in June, on the exact day that Powers was intended to come out.

  • Skyward Spinoff
  • Tanks
  • Matthew's Quest


Well, things get exciting here. Cube Fighters 3 and Petit Physics Test are coming out in this month.

  • Cube Fighters 3
  • Petit Physics Test
  • Mario Kart Sploder


The hype levels remain with a new Sploder series coming out in August.

  • New Sploder Series
  • NSMB Thingy


Things die down a bit here with less games coming out progressively for the rest of the year.

  • 2D Platformer 1
  • Fyre


The fifth main series Skyward and Skyward Biennial come out this month. Month of Skyward much?

  • Skyward 5
  • Skyward Biennial


Things die down a lot here, with only two major games, none being related to my Sploder series.

  • Tomb Quest
  • 2D Platformer 2


Doomsday and Wasteland come out this month being the big games for the year's end. Goomy Crossover also comes out, connecting all my fictional worlds.

  • Goomy Crossover
  • Doomsday
  • Wasteland