Skyward Revelations Recreated

Skyward Revelations Recreated will be getting day-one "DLC" which includes some things removed from the original, such as hovering, Alex being able to shoot, and an unused ice castle level. To prevent Alex from being overpowered, every character will have their own special moves. The game will hopefully come out this month or in September. Other games by AlmightyGoomy will be getting these "DLC" packs, too, such as the first game in the new Sploder series replacing Lost, Sonic Blast, a new 2D Skyward game that is in development (and yes it has color), Desert Wolf Sandstorm, and more.

Skyward I

This is going to be the last Skyward game before Skyward 4 releases. It is based off of the classic Mega Man games for the Gameboy (Megaman I-V)

Skyward Pixelated

Due to troubles making it and being on Goomylord instead of AlmightyGoomy, this game is getting delayed for a release in January 2015.

Skyward 4

This game will be released sometime between September and November. Here are a few reveals for the game.

  • Matthew, Alex, Victor, and Norman (the obscure character from the non-canon Chronicles) will be getting stories
  • Instead of Skyward: Beast's Fury, it will be named Skyward Chronicles as it is turning into more of a reboot than anything.
  • The sloppy controls will hopefully be fixed.