the title basically tells what this tells, just review a game in the comments, also the scoring system is 1-10


Petit's Adventure Recoded

Petit's Adventure 2

Petit's Adventure 3

Petit Shore

Desert Wolf

Desert Wolf 2

Desert Wolf 3

The Mjd Series

Tigzon (Original series)

Tigzon Battle

Tigzon on a Game Boy

Tigzon Island


Skyward Revelations

Skyward Remade

Skyward Powers

"My victim is the long anticipated Skyward 3rd game.

Gameplay: It's a top-down game, all the way. And I like that.

Level Design: Some levels are incredibly easy, and some are hard. Originally the hard level Level 5 was Level 3, which was weird because some levels after it were easier.

Art: The graphics were good, but some could be better, like the jellyfish enemy.

Difficulty: Hm.. It's a hard game. I can tell you that. Level 8 is arguably harder than the final boss level!

Bosses: Negativ wasn't terribly hard.... at all.

Music: Good music choice.

Story: I don't get why Nick was in Level 4 but not Level 5. Then again, Level 5 was originally Level 3...

Overall, Skyward Powers is the best Skyward game. 9/10" -Rich

Cube Fighters

Water Sea Wars