remember what skyward 4 was going to be? yeah...skyward chronicles rebooted.

i found a near-complete version of it, the link is

theres no story but i think i can guess it via levels

some idiot wants to revive negativ who was defeated after powers

matthew sails to island to find said idiot

he finds a rocket ship which contains some of his minions

he goes inside rocket ship which goes to his lair

he finds negativ who is being revived

the only level that doesn't exist is the boss fight

there were supposed to be more parts but they were never developed

idk why they don't exist

i think im making s4 3d

btw should i make this still like the reboot in some ways but still similar to the original thing? i was planning on making matthews hometown in the original version reku city, a metropolis based on seoul and tokyo. and im planning on replacing masked man clone with an original villain. yeah i think im doing this but im still making powers the canon establisher

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