• skyward- i wont even bother with this lol
  • revelations- the game is quite literally, impossible. im freaking serious.
  • chronicles- meh this game is just flawed. it was only one part but i think that's for the better...both characters are literally impossible to play as and the new character was only introduced for the sake of adding something new to this terrible series. the only good thing was that it made the main character not look identical to ness
  • recreated- ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its okay at best
  • powers- its not as good as everyone says, its just ok imo
  • ball blast- what is this abomination even i have no idea why it exists but it does
  • revelations remade- the high point of the skyward series
  • powers remade- idk why powers needed a remake, it was already a somewhat solid game. the remake kinda just existed tbh
  • comic- its cheesy and overall awful
  • original concept for skyward reboot- see ball blast, the same thing applies with this. even though it may have ended up becoming a decent game the plot was a complete train wreck in every sense
  • skyward 4 new concept- may become ok since im not a complete idiot anymore

overall, its essentially sploder's bubsy lol

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