skyward 4

having multiple parts is the reason why the original chronicles failed so badly. there still will be multiple parts, but there will be only four parts (six if you include the prologue and finale), and each character still will have a different playstyle, the demo level for matthew's story probably will be recreated but some changes will be made to fit the gameplay changes better. the stories are:

  • Matthew (Partners: Leo and Norman)
  • Alex (Partners: Nick and a new character)
  • Victor (Partners: two new characters)
  • Crystal (Partners: Elise and a new character)

skyward comic series

the series wasn't cancelled, it will be returning to deviantart next month, so look forward to that.

skyward anime/cartoon

its going to be made on fantendo, and it will take place in a universe very different from the games, and very few characters will be in both the games and the anime. if the anime gets popular enough, it might replace the games' canon, making them all non-canon to the series, or have an entirely different timeline. also the anime will be getting a game.

skyward movie

a skyward movie is coming to sploder in 2015. every part of the movie will be made before the whole thing is released.