ok im sorry for the development crisis going on, i still exist and skyward 4 will become a thing at some point

the cause for the crisis is probably spriting; i have a ton of graphics for everything in the game; from tomorrow onward im going to follow a strict 1-graphic-per-day policy in order not to overwork myself

the game will be divided into 10 "chapters", each taking up one 9-level game. the game will also have a more international theme, with each world being loosely based on a real life place; chapter 1's environment, reku, being based off of the usa west coast and australia; world 2 being based on belize; 3 based off of the nordic countries; 4 based on the middle east pre-turning into absolute hell, 5 based on the congo, 6 based on siberia and central asia, 7 based on japan, 8 based on tibet, 9 based on brazil and 10 simply being the final world

each chapter will come out at the same time so yeah

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