ehh, the game is only decent

all of the acclaim towards skyward powers is sickening me, it is just a mediocre game. sure, it introduced a new playstyle, which in the long run, only made the series better, but it is a little too overrated. like when it got reviewed by thebluesun, it got an 8/10, something it is barely even worthy of. i despise the game's new artstyle, all of the sprites of characters look awful. revelations has a worse artstyle, though... the gameplay is too simple, just walk around and get to the end of the stage. most of the stages can be beaten in 30 secs if you know your way around, excluding the pyramid and negativ's castle (the outside)

despite my dislike towards the game itself, i love what it did to its series. skyward and revelations were awful games, thus causing the remakes. in fact, after testing it again, i have discovered that revelations is impossible. it gave the series an actual decent entry that wasn't cancelled (chronicles was an okay game). the fourth game, the rerelease of chronicles with a few changes, has also been cancelled. skyward powers built upon the "fanbase" the original two games had, and it was released when things were looking very grim for the series; not having an actual release in over a half a year (the only full one was a remake) and the only game after the two miserable excuses for games were released excluding skyward remade. skyward powers got more views than any other skyward game; i am glad it did, due to the other two sucking majorly. after powers, people actually liked skyward; more games were getting released at a decent pace, and even more had been announced. with all the new info and screenshots, people were hyped. then, around september, i wasn't as active on sploder as much, only recently i came back. the only thing that i can say about the future of the series is that matthew's adventures will remain a trilogy.