• november 20, 2013: 205820753- "A corrupted human from another dimension where Negativ is the ruler of the world." the crap is this? i dont remember 205820753. is there some kind of code to his name? to me it just looks like a giant mess of numbers. i should have named him 5318008. if you don't get what i mean type that into a calculator and turn it upside down...
  • november 20, 2013: Professor Dunce- "Matthew and Leo's dumb teacher. He is a very minor character."- i put the mjd series in this? mjduniverse was ok with this? im pretty sure i did make him though
  • november 20, 2013: Elise- "Another good friend of Matthew and co. She has a crush on Matthew but he is unaware of it." did i seriously name a character after sonic 06 that's just stupid. also wasn't she in revelations remade in one level or something?
  • november 20, 2013: "Adrian- Another guy who heard about Negativ, and wants to defeat him before Matthew." that was his entire personality. what the crap. in skyward 4 i will actually give my characters meaning and i will try to tell as epic as a story as i can in sploder. i want to know what i was high on when i was making this. okay, screw this. i need to completely reboot skyward. skyward and revelations are no longer canon; idk if they ever were. powers probably will be though but idk how it will fit into the series as of right now.
  • november 20, 2013: "Skyward Relevation-The sequel to Skyward. Leo joins Matthew and Alex on another quest to stop Negativ. It got cancelled, and the fate of the series is currently undetermined. It is most likely not over due to the fact that new Matthew and Alex graphics were made. " what the. it was cancelled at one point? and what happened to the "s?"

thank god everything after was fairly normal. november 20 was a horrible day for skyward

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