• the plot will be more than just "defeat bad guy" everyone will actually have a reason to be in the game, etc
  • reku is actually a country now not just an unknown entity (i didn't even know whether it was a fictional world, nation, or region until recently)
  • a map of the entire skyward world and national borders will be released  soon. a lot of these nations will hold relevance in skyward 4. i will go more in depth on their governments, leaders, people etc. in a later leak. matthew and the gang will actually travel in some of these places and meet new allies/enemies there.
  • obviously as i've morphed from that one guy who spends all his time on sploder to a person that actually gives a crap about the world, there will be more cultural influence in skyward. 4 each world will be based off of a real-life country and they will be much more in-depth than skyward 4's levels.
  • planned worlds already include one based off of japan, one based off of central africa, and serbia. as for matthew's hometown (Bului) it's more or less a combination of my hometown and nassau while reku city is based on chicago, new york city, and seoul.
  • there will be new characterss too so

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