yep, skyward 4 is already getting announced, but it wont come out until I finish a variety of other games, only one being skyward-related, being a spin-off game.

so anyways, lets start!



the game will be split up into several chapters, but it will be different then just the same story for the whole game. the game will be split up into chapters, each having the PoV of a different character, making it a somewhat similar to the sonic adventure games. also, there will be a prologue and a finale.

the game will be overhead, like the critically acclaimed skyward powers, but for the most part, most of the innovations from that game will be removed because of the new gameplay.

and the game will be somewhat of a reboot to the cancelled skyward chronicles, as it will have a similar plot as to what chronicles intended to have, and norman and lloyd will be coming back to the series.


matthew confirmed

it was kinda obvious but who cares


the game will be called skyward: beast's fury

and the release cycle of the game has been confirmed: the prologue will come out first, all of the characters' individual stories will come out on the same day, and the day after that, the finale will release.


each character's gameplay style will be different


matthew will have similar gameplay to skyward powers


each story will end with a boss fight