Desert Wolf 1

Very horrible. Not only did I screw up with the James graphic (MOONWALKING WOLF M8) but I forgot to put in backgrounds and music! Plus the sand/stone graphics were horrid.

Desert Wolf 2


Kit-Kat the Warrior

Um why should I want to even mention this game ever again?

Crossover Project X

Worst trainwreck of 2013.

Water Sea Wars/Super Water Gun Battle Royale

So when I first made Meta, it was Water Sea Wars. When I first made Water Sea Wars however, it was simply known as Super Water Gun Battle Royale, and was published on a collab account called CanadainBacon. The character designs weren't that good, so eventually I decided to revive the series. I dug deep into the long abandoned account to get the original game back, changed up some music and graphics, and rereleased it.

Desert Wolf Recoded

It was good, but not the best. The final boss was better atleast.

Desert Wolf 3

Um, good I guess. I honestly think the difficulty was too high, and the final boss wasn't that hard.


I'm thinking of making it on Sploder now, it's just too hard to abandon Sploder.

Desert Wolf 4

Looking good so far, got most of the worlds planned out in my head.

Overall I think Desert Wolf and Meta has a few problems in the past, but it looks like if enough things go right, these franchises may have a bright future. Unless Kit-Kat or Desert Wolf 2 happens again. Ugh.

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