Want to join the Sploder Series Team? Well you're in luck friend! Cause boy this is the place for you!! Okay let's cut the crap, you want to know how to join don't you?... Well just follow the rules below!

You must...

  • Get to know us, the Sploder Series Team members for a month, if we gain your trust by then, you have succeeded in that.
  • Make atleast ONE well done original Sploder game, for a series, with a well done original plot and well done gameplay and well done original graphics.
  • Do not have past history with anything crazy, like EHEM acrazylittlesisterofacertainmemberoftheteamobsessedwithtakingdowngeoffandtakingthethroneoftherulerofsploder EHEM
  • worship our lord and savior, Soonick, whom we forgot about for the past year (forgive us Soonick san)
  • by the way you don't really have to worship Soonick if you don't want to
  • eat a pizza

And that's it! Make sure you meet all of the requirements and the comment below to join!

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