Desert Wolf: The Phantom Sands

So I know I haven't put out an update for this yet, but so far the only progress for the game as of now is just a basic plot line. What will it be? Well...

You play as a wolf named Jimson Sandsoul. Jimson is a teenaged city wolf, and his hobbies include getting into fights with thugs, and playing sports with his friends. One day, his entire town goes from lush greenery to a harsh desert. Not only that, but citizens are mysteriously dropping dead. After his father suffering the same fate as the other citizens, Jimson joins the Dragoon Corp, a group of trained warriors who have the goal of protecting the city at all costs. On the way you will meet several friends who will aid you on your bizarre adventure. Okay yeah it's pretty obvious now. Bits of this is going to be inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Meta (That one Water Sea Wars reboot that I'm (barely) working on.)

Ah yes, Meta. What will happen? Well I'll still work on it, but most likely after I do the second Desert Wolf game. What's the plot? Well....

In a futuristic setting, where the government is corrupt and is causing so much conflict, you play as a boy Jefferi, whom has been captured by the government and had all of his memories wiped, along with water being infused into his DNA. Jefferi get's the codename of "Blue" and is meant to be the first in a series of elemental super soldiers. However, you get rescued by the organization, "Jazzper", as they are against the government. You then are forced to partner up with a boy named "Crim" by the organization and you are sent on rescue/infiltration missions. This game will have a rather diverse cast of characters, with several unique abilities. This game will also require some stealth skills too, like you having to avoid going into a guards line of sight. I also want this game to have a tactics type of gameplay. Meta will be made in the same engine as Desert Wolf TPS, 2, 3, and Legendary.


What's this? A new game series? Well would you look at that! Abnormal is based off an unfinished webcomic of mine by the same name, and will be featuring the same characters from before. The plot will be changed a lot though. I won't reveal anything just yet, but boy, will this story be long overdue.

I'll Come Back, Don't Worry...

IT will watch. IT will always be here. IT wants you to worry. IT will be coming soon, in the Sploder 3D creator.

That's all I have today, stay funky and keep slammin!

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