So I'm thinking of cancelling Desert Wolf the Movie, and give the series a fresh start before I start that back up again. I feel like the first 3 games just are bad now, and that Rich3001k is really the only person keeping the Sploder Series Universe alive now, with Goomy probably spending his time working on Skyward 5 most likely, and MJD creating games that feel more like a slightly interactive image slideshow more than anything (no offense MJD) while Mangamixer, is probably doing the same as Goomy AKA working his butt off on Tigzon Island (If you two are reading this once you're done, take a break, it would make you two feel better) and Polvo is... DED. And me, well I am the most unproductive of all, facepalming at my past games, making new unrelated ones that get no views whatsoever (I'm ticked off that many sploder members now just play games because the title sounds cool, seriously you can just name it "Freddy's Minecraft Roblox Adventure X" and it get's 100 views per minute) I'm thinking of switching to some other easy game making format, cause as I said earlier in the paranthysis, people don't care how great your game is they just might find it cool thanks to the name or thumbnail. I just can't find easy game making software that's free and that doesn't take up 900 MBs off your computer. So if I find any software that's free, not too big, and easy, then that'll bring up the question, should I stay on Sploder, or should I leave? Post in the comments.

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