• Neuriotronnipedia is revived: (Neuriotronnipedia is the wikia version of Alphazoidversepedia. For some reason, people hate editing Alphazoidversepedia so I am opening Neuriotronnipedia back up.)
  • For a month now, I haven't published any Alphazoidverse Sploder Games. Why is that? Most of the Ideas I have now would just result in making an art game with little or no gameplay, and I am now starting to find art games boring. What am I doing with these ideas that don't fit being turned into a sploder game? I post them as comics on DeviantART. However, I will make a game with a story that occurs in the Alphazoidverse Universe when I come up with an idea that actually fits.
  • I am thinking about trying to adopt the Sploder Series Wiki again, seeing that Magmatar never goes here anymore. He is also very inactive on Sploder. The wiki also needs to be cleaned up.