I'm announcing 2 new games, planning to hit Sploder before Petit's Toonventures Episode 2 comes out.

First up is B Ball 2. It won't be the same as the first one, I assure you. In this game, Ballistic and Puffie end up in Wumbum and meet Melwater Guy (y'know, that weird guy in Racket Frog who has a ball with a face that he bounces?). Could he have any relation with Ballistic somehow? You'll find out soon enough.

Next is Racket Frog Typhoon. Not a full Racket Frog 2, but still an important installment. It will be..... an overhead view game. I know what you're thinking. I've done an overhead view game. It was Petit Shore Stage 3 and it was a blatant ripoff of Skyward Powers. Don't worry, it won't be a ripoff this time. Racket Frog will be the only playable character. It won't be split into stages, it'll be just one big game. That's all I'll say for now.

Have you noticed something? Both these games are set in Wumbum. I'll do a connection thing like I did with B Ball Plus & Sun Kenny in Petit's World, but hopefully in a more "clever" way.

On to some Petit knowledge:

  • Petit and Vometronz were created around October 2010. Both looked EXTREMELY different. Petit was based on a drawing in a how to draw anime book, who happened to look like Link. I sadly don't remember what Vometronz originally looked like.
  • Petit's "series name" changed a lot. Some previous names were Kudzu Quest and Battle Jade (weird, I know).
  • Petit was originally... 19. He had two brothers: one was a weirdo in Mario-style overalls and the other looked like a crazy scientist.
  • Xiph didn't exist until much later. There was originally another character who would fill the pet role for Petit, named Sparks. He was a fox. But Xiph is way better.
  • I experimented with characters a lot.
  • Shin and Jewel were created in April 2012, and I think that's when Petit was redesigned too.
  • Izzy was created in 2013, I think, and he was nowhere near as girly. His original Sploder design reflects this.
  • The original Adventure game was actually built off of some of this. The bat wing powerup? An old concept for Petit was that he could transform into a Vampire. Diamonds? An old concept was that Petit runs around and collect diamonds, much like how Mario collects coins. This idea was kinda revived for Petit Shore.

Basically 2010 Petit has nothing to do with Petit now.

So, did your character have non-Sploder roots? When did you create your character?

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