Hey, I updated the sprites of Jewel, Sally, Izzy, and Abby again. They are now more detailed, less Shantae ripoffy, and Izzy and Abby are less palette swappy (they have different animations).


More to Izzy and Abby's story:

  • They were both born to spies, in the big city.
  • They met each other 5 years ago, when they were sent to Shrub City to attend an all-girls' school and become the spies of (Name TBD), secretly the niece of Vometronz, a local troublemaker.
  • They, however, befriended her.
  • Skip to the present day. Vometronz has launched a huge attack on Kudzu (Petit's Adventure).
  • Vometronz's niece reveals to Izzy and Abby that she is Vometronz's niece.
  • They tell her they already know and that they are spies sent to spy on her.
  • She assures them she does not align with her uncle, and continue their friendship.

  • Btw, Supersonic, remember when you said I could make some new enemy graphics for Jingo Legends? Could you email me a pic with all the enemies? And I'll go from there

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