Annie May

TOP 10 ANIME BATTLES?! Skyward is now up there with Dragon Ball Z, Cory in the House, all that good stuff. I really loved the episode with Negativ dabbing. The one with Alex krumping was really great too.


I haven't worked on Petit's Toonventures Episode 1 in a couple days... probably should before it's too late.

Check out some Undertale styled Petit by Borealdragon from the Sploder forums:

I know you guys have been begging for some kawaii Izzy art (Again, I know, I suck at digital art)

I've been remodeling my channel recently. After Episode 1 of Toonventures is released, there'll be like a month long break. I just really need time to do stuff I've been postponing for too long. After that, new episodes will pick up.

Also, DWID is Papyrus indeed.

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