So Dewott is revealing some characters, so I thought I should too.

Petit Zephyr will have Petit and friends journey to the nearby country of Sudoku, where the Vamperor Army plans to hatch their latest scheme.

Zeki is a boy from Sudoku. He wishes to be a hero, but his impulsiveness gets the best of him. Believing he can save Sudoku all by himself, he tries to stop Petit and his friends.

Here is the first sketch of him which I did back in August (mind the poor quality), as well as his sprite which I made not long ago.

For his design, there aren't any major inspirations, though he took some cues from Pokemon and Beyblade characters, as Petit did.

For his name, well, I saw a YouTuber with the name "Zeki" and I thought "that's a darn cool name".

0 zeki

So basically he will be an anti-hero character, which I don't think I've really had any in the past. So I hope you guys take interest in him. I will be revealing more characters soon.

"Why does he have lines all over him" - Goomy
0 zeki goomy

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