• Adventure - No, just no.
  • Petit's Adventure Recoded - Looking back, I still find it fun. Though it basically established modern Petit (Petit Lost in a Cave technically did), it wasn't anything mindblowing. It took a bit too much from Jumpie, which back then was just a demo. This can be seen in the level design, the music, and even the description says "[it] continues the fun Makever's Jumpie DEMO started!"
  • Petit's Adventure 2 - It's still fun, but it just doesn't stand out, especially when you compare it to Desert Wolf 3, which started a couple days before this was released.
  • Petit's Adventure 3 - Probably my favorite Petit game. It was the first one to have stages, popularized by the original Tigzon series and Desert Wolf 3.
  • Petit Shore - It got criticism for ripping off Tigzon Island. I'll admit it, the criticism was deserved. I tried to make it like Tigzon Island, substituting "Island" for "Shore". And when Skyward Powers came out, I kinda ripped that off with Stage 3. Shore was probably a bad move, but hey, I still enjoy it.

Petit 5 is still up on the table. I'll probably only make it if interest in Sploder series rise again.

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