Toonventures still exists, alright, it's coming in April.


Anyways, I have created some graphics in the style of Adventure. The Petit and Shin graphics are actually how they originally look, the Jewel and Vometronz graphics have been modified from their original versions, and the X Yolo and Izzy ones are new. I will be using these graphics in a new game project. B Ball 2 and Racket Frog Typhoon are still coming but this game project is releasing first because it is easier to make.

Now, for some new characters.

  • P.A. "Henry" Xiph - He's pretty much just a joke character. The reference is painfully obvious.
  • Melhog - A subspecies of Melwaters that are a reference to your favorite blue hedgehog.
  • Stingle - A subspecies of Bumbles. In the games, they won't really hurt you, just sting you a bit. They make you lose penalties instead of lives. Actually an old enemy design I made a while ago.

These graphics are all public. Use them, I guess.

Also, I haven't even come up with Vometra's design yet.

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