So, voice acting!

I've thought over and over about whether Petit's Toonventures should have voice acting.

And I've decided that it will indeed have voice acting, in addition to subtitles.

HOWEVER. Subtitles will be the main way of dialogue. Voice acting will just add to it. The voices will be short phrases or grunts, relating to what they are saying in the subtitles.

  • For example:
  • Subtitle - Matthew: Yo, what's chilling, mah homie dawg?
  • Spoken Dialogue - Matthew: Sup.

I will need your guys' help. You guys can volunteer to voice these characters:

For characters who won't have a voice actor, they will probably use a text to speech program. Feel free to suggest some good ones.

You guys don't have to voice characters. I will even try to get some Sploder members who aren't Sploder Series game makers to help with the voice acting.

How it will go:

  • I will script episodes and make the whole video (aside from spoken dialogue) by myself.
  • Then I will send the voice actors (basically you guys) a document with your script, either through Gmail or Skype.
  • The voice actors (again, you) will read from the document and record it in an audio file.
  • I will edit your audio clips into the video, creating the finished episode.

The first episode is set for a February 12 release, which would be the 3rd anniversary of Adventure Demo, Petit's technical Sploder debut.

Also, is Goomy, like dead?

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