While Flashback was something I think the Petit series needed, it didn't really add much to the series. I promise you Petit Zephyr will bring many new things.

I will make and release the stages as I go along. With Flashback, I finished both parts before releasing Part 1. But Zephyr will have 4 stages. And I don't want to keep you guys waiting too long.

I'm not going to be dumb and make up stuff as I go along, like I did with Petit's Adventure 3, Petit Shore, and Racket Frog. Over the last weeks, I have created the story, new characters, new enemies, and an outline of the game's levels. There will be much more story and character interaction than in previous games.

I'm pretty much set to start working on Stage 1, but after I get some videos out of the way. Also, Zephyr will have a prologue. Unlike 3's, this prologue will be a video, not a game. That way, you can see the story unfold better.

I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves, and as always, get hyped.

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