Ok, so Powers just recieved a remake. Let's dig in.

Ok, ok, I hate this version of the first level. Before getting to Alex, you must follow a new route, that's nice though. There is unnecessary enemy placement. In the sand, there are these 2 spiders. Mattthew's graphic is too big, it's hard to avoid them carefully. There are these red balls near Alex. I didn't find any frustration in them in the original, but in the remake, they frustrate me. They don't even shoot straight. If you are below it at all, you'll always get hit. Also, below it there's a frog enemy that you don't even notice before you get killed by it. I hate all these frogs. REMOV ALL OF DEM!11!!11!!

Powers remastered

So, the town looks a lot more lively, that's nice. Left: Remastered Right: Original