Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently. School and YouTube.

Sorry to disappoint, but actual development on Petit Zephyr has not started. However, Stage 1's and 2's levels have been designed! So that's something.

Izzy and Abby will no longer be a standalone game. It will be incorporated into Petit Zephyr Stage 4. Yes, Vometra, Voctavian, all that will be there. I'm doing this so I won't put too much work on myself.

After Zephyr:

I'm not planning to make any Sploder Series games after Zephyr ATM. Don't think that my Sploder Series will die. I'm just doing this so I won't plan too much stuff and put too much work on myself. After Zephyr, I will make Sploder Series games if I have the time and motivation. Also, I'll maybe make some Platformers, Retro Arcades, and non-Sploder Series PPGs, because I've grown nostalgic for them. There's also the Desert Wolf Sploder reboot, but I don't if that'll be a thing.

Well, hope you enjoyed this update.

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