• Tigzon (Original) - This game is somewhat very boring, had some bad gameplay like those top-down gimmick and yet low views. This is why I shouldn't continue the original Tigzon games.
  • Tigzon Battle -  This game seems okay but blands with being as a PPG fighting game and has some flaws on it.
  • Tigzon on an Old Game Boy/Tigzon on a Game Boy Color - These games is somewhat very popualr at the time. Because of the views and the votes, people started to played them. I think its because of my Game Boy designs and some retro-style graphics. But now, when I played them, I don't think it nice and it was too short. It might not be consirdered as part of the Tigzon series since it doesn't have any connecting between other Tigzon games.
  • Tigzon Recoded/Tigzon Rebooted/Tigzon Adventure, whatever - These games has more flaws on it. I canceled them because I run out of ideas for them and I announced it too much. But then I realized that its the worst fate of the Tigzon series and becoming the worst Sploder Series.
  •  Tigzon Island - There was a old version of this game but I changed it because its still Tigzon Adventure. I'm still re-working on it right now, So... Be Hyped !

Overall... its fine but its much worser than the other Sploder series due to changes and redsigns bullsplode. Give any opinions about the Tigzon series.