Its been a while since Summer was over and school just started and I didn't finish the progress of Tigzon Island. So I might always show you some Tigzon stuff that I did during Summer holidays.

Recently, I made a new Tigzon website using, which is under construction (only the menu and the logo. The music was done by Spookie and Ize from the Sploder forums).

Also I did some Tigzon sketch drawings both from scratch and sometimes Manga Studio 5:

IMG 0016

Leaf Loola (a.k.a Leaf "Runa" Trigger)

Tigzon and Jimmy sketch art

Jimmy (a.k.a Alex Cheriko) and Tigzon

So Thats all I needed to show.

I might continue making Tigzon Island and will just wait for the release of the new Sploder 3D Game creator.

Art request!!!

Okay. Since I got bored, I will be doing some requests from you guys. Just send me to an image of your character and expect to see a digital sketch of your character.

List of Request


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