Since the Sploder mainsite was being down and my school's mid-term exams is almost done, I'm might do a YouTube
Tigzon 32x logo
animated webseries, related to the Tigzon series, called Tigzon 32X (Sounds wierd, huh).

Recently, I have been learning some new animation techniques and Effects for Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Effects CC from most of the good tutorials. So I might do a loads of animation tests and then will start working on the webseries.

Its not, necessarily, a reboot to the actual series, it takes place in the separate universe with different main characters. The character, Tigzon will have a different name and looks called Tigzon.32X (much like to Megaman.EXE from MegaMan Battle Network and Sonic from Sonic Boom).

I have no names for the new, different characters but I still working on it. So stayed for more updates of the Tigzon Updates!


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