Digital Saga Tigzon logo

Yes! Tigzon 32X, a working title for the Tigzon animated webseries, is now Digital Saga Tigzon. Thanks to my best friend, Zaid for coming up with this awesome title!

Any Updates? Well, this series is consirdred to be a reboot to original Tigzon games, which features different character's names and designs as well as new character that will be introduced. (I know, its 100 times to reboot the series but oh well).

The series will be a combination of sprite animations and digitally drawn animations. Most of the animation is done in original sprites, while special attack sequences, stock footage, and other important scenes are digitally drawn out. The animations will be handled using Manga Studio 5, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Effects CC with video editing done in Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.

Similar to Alvin-Earthworm's Super Mario Bros. Z and SploderianRich's Petit's Toonventures, characters will be spoken in subtitles, but voice acting will also come in the form of grunts and short phrases.

So stayed for more updates of the Tigzon Updates!


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