So, I feel like I should make an update on my upcoming games and when they will release. But first, let's talk about Jingo Legends and Jingo 3. I'll just say it now: Jingo 3 has been canceled... well, kind of.

The Jingo 3 characters, levels, and story will all make it's way into Legends in some shape or form. Basically, Legends has become Jingo 3. I feel like this is the right decision, as developing two main series titles at once will slow down development progress.

Now for a list of upcoming titles slated for a 2016 release:

  • Jingo Legends Act 2 (March 5th or 6th)

Don't want to ruin the suprise...

  • Sploder Brawlers Melee: Part 3 (February 1st)

This will finally wrap up the story of Melee, finally revealing the Annihalator's true identity and motives.

  • Puzzle Guy Recoded (February 1st)

A remake of the first game, the goal of this remake is to introduce this series to new players (which is probably all of you) I will also be remaking the other Puzzle Guy games throughout the year.

  • Gravity 2 (TBD)

This will of course be a sequel to the previous "Gravity" game, continuing the adventures of Gravo the block alien thing. It will have brand new gimicks and have a story tie in to Gravo's recent cameo in Jingo Legends Act 1. For now I'm keeping the rest about the game a secret.

  • Micro Boy 2: Virus Hunters (TBD)

Another sequel to an old game of mine. This game will be a platformer, unlike it's predecessor, which had an over head view. I want to make sure it won't be rushed like the first game, as that one... wasn't so good...

  • Jingo Legends Act 3 (TBD)

Self explainatory.

  • Jingo RPG (Fall, 2016)

So, I know I havent said much about this game. I've tried different styles for this, most that havent worked. I think I might have nailed it finally. It will have traditional Jingo levels, but with RPG elements and other levels that will work in the style of Pokemon battle from Pokemon games.

These probably won't be the only games this year, but these are the confirmed ones. Tell what you guys think. Should I even make some of these? Or do you have ideas for new games or currently developing ones?