So, slight delay on Skyward Heroes and Jingo Origins. The weather was gumming up my internet a couple weeks ago, and stacked ontop of with School, has messed with my development schedule. I currently just have to finish the boss and a level for Heroes, and the big exposition cutscene for Origins. Sorry!  ^__^ ;

Ok, ok, what probably interested you the most, is the title of this blog. Yes, I am making a semi-sequel to Jingo 2 that isn't Legends.

This game will have remixed Jingo 2 levels, other playable characters, and a brand new story. 

Basically, what Jingo 3 could've been. Except this will be a short game.

The game will be out at latest: next Friday. The reason I'm so confident in this is because the game is literally just a mod of Jingo 2, so it shouldn't take long.

More updates coming soon. Stay hyped. : -)

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