Sorry for the wait, but it's finally here. The final part to Sploder Brawlers Melee. I don't know what to think about this. The conclusion feels... incomplete to me. This is what I get for making up most the story as I go along. You just don't know how to end it! It also didn't help I got tired towards the end of development...

And I also released a remastering/remake of my old 2014 game: Gravity. You may remember the main character and setting of this game from the last levels of Legends Act 1. Well, this was his game he came from. I highly recommend you all play it, since I am making a Gravity 2 and it's story is important to both future Jingo games and my future Puzzle Guy games.

Part 4 of Melee:

Epilogue of Melee:

Gravity Remasterd:

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