So I guess I might as well do this, 'cuz I'm bored and thought maybe some of you will find this interesting.  I'll be doing this at least twice a week where I'll post screenshots of the games I'm developing and occasionally drop some details. So enjoy I guess.


July 17th, 2016

Here we have a screenshot of Level 2 of "Skyward Heroes," with Victor apparently taking the lead...


July 19th, 2016

I've been putting it off for awhile now, but I figured I might as well give you all some information on "Jingo Origins." I know you all want some information about "Jingo Legends Act 2," to which I say: sorry, just a little bit longer. I'll have a screenshot soon, I promise.

So, here's the title screen! Anyways, we see a waterfall of acid in the backround, and the ruins from "Puzzle Guy 2 Recoded." And is that... Jingo's Magic Staff lying on the ground? All will be revealed soon enough...

July 22nd, 2016

Finally, we have some "Jingo Legends Act 2" screenshots here. Yes, you read that right. Screenshots. Plural. First one; kinda boring. Second one is slightly more interesting.

Dark Void

Here, we seemingly have Jingo taking on King Doom in what can only be a shameless "Puzzle Guy 3 Recoded" tie in. ; -)


And the new character being introduced in this game: Mana The Hoplin, daughter of Lop Lop (the Hoplin king from Jingo 2), and soon to be a playable character, but on certain levels only. Her playstyle is completely different from Jingo; since she doesn't have a weapon, she's pure platforming!

Next week (hopefully Sunday), I'll be showing a new screenshot of "Tigzon Z," so look out for that!

July 31st, 2016

Well, this is a blow. No Tigzon Z this Sunday. (Or last Sunday, for a matter of fact.) Sorry, I've been slacking with development on that game, and I don't want to screenshot part of an unfinshed level. Once I have something I feel comfortable showing, I'll show it.

Meanwhile, Bruce Almighty- er, I mean Almightygoomy requested me to show more Skyward. So I'll do just that!

Alex's turn!

Alex, as you know him from Kee- er, I mean Skyward, takes the lead on the third level. He has the abilty to walk in poisionous water!(Although it's not shown in this picture)

August 14th, 2016

Looks like Jingo wants in on the action. And he's not looking too friendly...
Jingo cocky

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