This is a reboot on the hit (kind of) 2014 game Water Oozie Wars, which is now renamed to Water Sea Wars! Many of the characters are getting renamed, and revamped, while new characters will get revealed.

Gameplay Edit

It will retain the same gameplay as before, but with new special 2D sections!

Characters Edit


  • Jeff (AKA Blue)
  • Crim (AKA Red)
  • Tobious (AKA Green)
  • Vire (AKA Yellow)


  • Specter (AKA White)

Plot Edit

A really long time ago, Dr. Gregory Von Specter's ancestors had a war against protesters on body of water that would play a more important roll later on...

Years later, scientist Dr. Gregory Von Specter, conducts experiments on the same body of water, only all of the remaining water dried up. He tests experiments to make "new government weapons" by drafting kids and adults of all kinds to fight in a tournament called the "Water Sea Wars" but really this was all a lie...

He was really planning on putting the contestants in a fight to the death, and gather all of their data to make a new fighter, to help him seek world domination...

Trivia Edit

  • 2D sections were actually originally intended for Water Sea Wars 2, until it got canceled.

Videos and Images Edit

Sploder Water Oozie Wars preview

Sploder Water Oozie Wars preview